Trident IoT

Trident IoT is a technology and engineering company focused on simplifying RF development, increasing product success rates, and decreasing time-to-market for connected device manufacturers.

Driven by a business philosophy that prioritizes human connections, Trident IoT is committed to hands-on collaborations with clients. Working side-by-side, Trident IoT helps customers pinpoint and deliver exactly what is needed for the most successful manifestation of their connected IoT devices. Together, they have the expertise and industry connections to identify the best path forward for any IoT device and accelerate the time to market.

Through close collaboration on product requirements, Trident IoT is able to help clients forge the most effective, timely, and cost-efficient path to market possible for your smart home devices:


    • Partners with customers at every level on product requirements and engineering solutions.
    • Optimizes designs to find cost-effective solutions, future-proofing devices with easily upgradeable components.
    • Supplies clients directly with the necessary silicon components, including firmware and software.
    • Expedites the certification process, minimizing roadblocks and accelerating the path to market for new smart home devices.

Our Services


Z-Wave 800 series chips deliver exceptional smart home-connected device experiences.

Z-Wave Certifications

U.S.-based certification services available for end product compliance testing.

Design Services

Best-in-class product design and development guidance from our team of experts.

Featured Product


Fully Integrated Z-Wave Wireless Module

Convert to the latest Z-Wave Long Range protocol with no new hardware development.
800 Series performance in a 5202 pin-for-pin replacement module.

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