Our Team


Mariusz Malkowski 
CTO and Founder of Trident IoT

Mariusz Malkowski is a seasoned technical executive, renowned for his exceptional ability to deliver high-quality solutions to complex business challenges. With a career spanning over 25 years, Mariusz has dedicated his expertise to the growth of both small businesses and large corporations, working hands-on to resolve their technical and business obstacles.

Mariusz’s reputation as a builder, leader, strategist, and implementer is well-established in the industry. One of Mariusz’s biggest strengths is in his human-centric approach to leadership. He believes in people and their potential, nurturing an environment that fosters talent and encourages high performance.

Mariusz’s passion for the startup ecosystem is palpable. He has worked with dozens of growing companies, taking immense pleasure in helping them grow. His exceptional knowledge and strategic insight make him an invaluable ally for entrepreneurs seeking to navigate their way to success.

Despite his demanding career, Mariusz finds a unique balance in life through his outdoor pursuits. An avid mountain biker, he enjoys the thrill of racing on the most challenging trails in the world. He also volunteers as a mountain biking Coach at the National Interscholastic Cycling Association where he shares his passion with middle and high schoolers. Moreover, he is an accomplished mountaineer, having climbed some of the world’s highest peaks. These activities not only keep him fit, but also infuse him with a sense of adventure and resilience that carries into his professional life.

Mariusz’s blend of technical prowess, strategic insight, and people-oriented leadership, coupled with his zest for life, set him apart as a unique and dynamic figure in the business world.

Michael Lamb
President and Founder of Trident IoT

Michael Lamb is already a very successful tech entrepreneur, having launched several companies and hundreds of products in the space. As founder of Street Smart Security, Lamb designed more than 175 products for Honeywell in the security and HVAC markets.

As the founder of Secure Wireless, Advanced Bridging Technologies, and Ecolink, he designed more than 400+ wireless products for high-level customers like Comcast, RING, United Technologies, DSC, Nortek, and more.

Lamb most recently founded Cellbounce and designed a 3G and 4G plug-and-play converter that was acquired by ADT. He has 49 patents to his name.

Bill Scheffler 
Vice President of Sales and Founder of Trident IoT

A true pioneer of smart home automation, Bill Scheffler was involved with X10, one of the first home automation protocols. X10 was developed in the 1970s and used the home’s existing electrical wiring to transmit signals between devices. He later joined the startup Zensys in 2001 and developed the Z-Wave wireless protocol for home automation.

As Vice President of Sales at Zensys, the company that developed the Z-Wave wireless protocol, Scheffler was responsible for promoting and marketing the technology to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers and for Sigma Designs, which acquired Zensys in 2008. Scheffler’s experience and knowledge of the home automation industry, combined with his strong relationships with key players in the market, helped to establish Z-Wave as a leading wireless protocol for home automation in North America.

Under Scheffler’s leadership, Zensys was successful in convincing many leading manufacturers to adopt Z-Wave technology, including companies such as Vivint, ADT, RING, Honeywell, Samsung, Resideo, Jasco, Assa Abloy, Leviton, Schlage, Black & Decker and Eaton/Cooper. The reliability and ease of use of Z-Wave technology helped it gain traction with consumers and it became a popular choice for home automation devices, such as lighting, thermostats, and security systems.

Today, Z-Wave is widely recognized as a reliable and secure wireless protocol for home automation. Scheffler’s contributions to the development and promotion of Z-Wave technology were instrumental in establishing it as the standard for home automation in North America.

Bill’s personal hallmark is building a culture of trust across all the stakeholders in the ecosystem. New Jersey born and raised; he is a man of his word, has a strong sense of loyalty and finds it impossible to walk away from a challenge. Bill and Mariusz already have a long history of collaboration, having worked together at Zensys.

Peter Shorty
Director of Engineering

Peter Shorty is a seasoned and personable Embedded Software Architect and Developer with over two decades of experience in networks, protocols, wireless technologies, and IoT. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, specializing in computer science, from the esteemed Technical University of Denmark. Throughout his career, Peter’s innovative prowess has led to nine patents, showcasing his dedication to pushing technological boundaries.

As the Director of Engineering at Trident IoT, Peter’s expertise drives the company’s success. His journey includes remarkable achievements at Silicon Labs, where he served as Principal Software Architect. Notably, he contributed significantly to the development of embedded software for wireless chips, streamlining application writing processes, and spearheading the first Open Source Z-Wave protocol implementation.
Peter’s legacy extends beyond his work at Silicon Labs, as he played a crucial role in the Z-Wave Alliance, chairing both the Open Source and Core Stack Working Group. His versatile experience covers Z-Wave protocol development, automatic test case creation, and in-house training for engineers and sales teams.

Passionate about his work and personal life, Peter cherishes his time with his family, especially his two young daughters. In his leisure, he finds joy in renovating his beloved old house and indulging in his culinary interests.

With his keen sense of innovation, customer support, and team collaboration, Peter Shorty remains a respected figure in the field of embedded software architecture, now leveraging his expertise as the Director of Engineering at Trident IoT.

Samer Seoud
Senior Software Engineer

Samer Seoud, an accomplished Senior Software Engineer at Trident IoT. He holds a wealth of experience in the semiconductor industry as an embedded software developer. With a diverse skill set that includes embedded software development, debugging, and expertise in Z-Wave and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Samer is a valuable asset to the company.

Throughout his career, Samer has been an integral part of renowned companies such as Silicon Labs, Sigma Designs, Zensys A/S, Cisco, and COCOM A/S in Copenhagen. Notably, he played a crucial role in the development of the Z-Wave protocol, effectively porting it to new hardware platforms. His leadership capabilities shine through as he led debugging efforts to resolve critical issues, collaborated with cross-functional teams, and ensured successful product releases.

Samer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the prestigious Engineering College of Copenhagen, Ballerup, cementing his academic foundation alongside his practical expertise. His comprehensive skill set encompasses Embedded C, debugging, communication protocols, RTOS (FreeRTOS) integration, test automation, unit tests, Python, hardware drivers, Docker, Git, and Jenkins, enabling him to excel in his role as a Senior Software Engineer.

Beyond his professional achievements, Samer is known for his dedication to teamwork, eagerness to embrace new challenges, and continuous pursuit of knowledge in the ever-evolving tech landscape. As a key player in the success of Trident IoT, Samer Seoud continues to make significant contributions, leveraging his vast experience and expertise to drive innovation and excellence in the realm of IoT and embedded software development.

Johann Sigfredsson
Senior Software Engineer

Johann Sigfredsson is a Senior Software Engineer at Trident IoT with a rich and diverse background in embedded systems, wireless technologies, and communication protocol development. With over 20 years of experience, Johann is a driving force in the realm of IoT, having played an integral role in the development and definition of the Z-Wave protocol since its nascent stages in 2001.

Johann’s expertise spans the entire Z-Wave stack, encompassing hardware drivers, low-level radio drivers, bootloaders, and various protocol layers. His significant contributions include security implementations, application development, and the orchestration of Z-Wave porting to multiple hardware platforms. Johann’s proactive involvement in porting Z-Wave from bare metal to RTOS (freeRTOS) showcases his adaptability and innovation.

During his five-year tenure as a Staff Software Engineer at Silicon Labs, Johann led the development and maintenance of the core Z-Wave RF protocol, making invaluable contributions that fortified the company’s position as a leader in IoT technology. His proficiency extends to languages such as C, C++, and Python, as well as tools like Jira, Git, and VS Code.

With a proven track record of success and a deep understanding of the intricacies of IoT systems, Johann is a valuable asset to Trident IoT. His extensive experience in Z-Wave protocol development, combined with his expertise in embedded software and wireless networking, positions him to drive innovation and propel Trident IoT’s solutions to new heights. Johann’s passion for excellence, coupled with his technical acumen, makes him an indispensable part of the Trident IoT team. Outside of his professional pursuits, Johann finds solace in family, hiking, and outdoor activities, reflecting his commitment to a balanced and fulfilling life.

Christian Salmony Olsen
Senior Software Engineer

Christian Salmony Olsen is a Senior Software Engineer at Trident IoT, bringing over 11 years of expertise in the field of Z-Wave, DevOps, and Software Quality. With a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, Christian’s professional philosophy centers around the motto “Automate it!” He joined the Z-Wave team in 2014 and has since made impressive contributions to the development and advancement of the platform.

Christian’s influence on the Z-Wave team has been substantial, as he took the lead in designing the Z-Wave Platform Abstraction Layer, enabling the creation of the Z-Wave Source Code Project. His dedication to software quality is evident through his advocacy for unit testing, static code analysis, and smoke tests, all of which are integral components of the modern CI pipeline he helped establish.

Throughout his term at Silicon Labs, Christian played a pivotal role as the Lead Developer on the Z-Wave Application Framework for five years, driving the migration to modern DevOps practices using Jenkins Pipeline and Docker. He excels in fostering a collaborative work environment and has mentored six new teammates. Additionally, Christian actively participates in the Open Source Working Group, showcasing his commitment to the broader software development community.

Christian’s passion for embedded systems and automation extends beyond his professional life. In his free time, he explores his interests in smart home technology, movies, and photography. As an embedded developer with a passion for continuous learning and technical discussions, Christian finds joy in improving products and processes. His track record of developing software of the highest quality makes him a valuable asset to the Trident IoT team.

Clay Dearman
Senior Firmware Engineer

With over 40 years of experience in embedded hardware and firmware, Clay Dearman brings a distinct perspective to the IoT field. He has an impressive track record of developing numerous Zigbee products, ranging from battery-powered security devices to touchscreen gateways, and played a pivotal role in establishing the Comcast IoT ecosystem. As an active member of the CSA for over 15 years, Clay made significant contributions to the development and ratification of key industry standards, including the Zigbee 3.0 Base Device Behavior (BDB) specification, Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL), and Works With All Hubs (WWAH) initiative. In addition to his IoT involvement, Clay has a diverse background spanning telecom, mixed-signal silicon test, digital signal processing, and the power industry. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University, showcasing his strong educational foundation.

DJ Younkin
Field Application Engineer

DJ Younkin is a driven computer engineer, who recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University. DJ gained valuable industry experience through internships at Ecolink and Qualcomm where he worked with low-power, battery-operated IoT embedded systems. Notably, DJ founded and served as chairman of the SDSU Electrical and Computer Engineering Mock Interview Committee, facilitating meaningful connections between college students and engineering firms in San Diego. Their remarkable efforts resulted in over 240 individual interviews per semester.

Currently, DJ continues to contribute as a consultant on the board, leveraging their passion for fostering professional relationships. Furthermore, his team secured 1st place in the prestigious Department of Homeland Security Hackathon, outperforming 24 other teams across the nation.

DJ’s fascination with the harmony between technology and the natural world drives his approach to engineering, seeking inspiration from nature’s order and implementing it in their designs. With a deep appreciation for people and a dedication to excellence, DJ is an asset to the Trident Iot team.

Laura Otto
Office Manager and Founder of Trident IoT

Laura Otto is a passionate and dedicated Office Manager at Trident IoT and is one of the company’s founders. Her unwavering belief in the power of hard work and dedication drives her to achieve exceptional results, consistently surpassing expectations in all her endeavors.

With a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University, Laura’s commitment to leadership remains at the heart of her professional journey. Always on the lookout for innovative applications and procedures, she continuously seeks ways to enhance efficiency and productivity, making her an invaluable asset to the Trident IoT team.

Having a strong background in advanced administrative abilities and a wealth of knowledge in the IoT world, Laura spent three years in the Microelectronics industry before venturing into the realm of Smart Home Device manufacturing. Her experiences with industry leaders like RCS Technology, known for their cutting-edge Z-Wave Smart Thermostats, and Ecolink Intelligent Technology, specializing in state-of-the-art Security and Home Automation products, have provided her with a diverse skill set and an intimate understanding of industry dynamics.

In her role as a supportive leader, Laura adeptly manages and directs her globally distributed team, ensuring they have the necessary resources to excel in their roles. Her clear communication and impeccable organizational skills foster a cohesive work environment where everyone thrives. She is committed to her team’s success, which makes her a driving force behind the continued growth of Trident IoT, LLC.

Jonatan Tobón González
Technical Support Manager

Jonatan Tobón is a highly accomplished professional and leader in the field of Customer Success, renowned for his diverse skill set encompassing training, leadership, and technical support. Throughout his journey in the IT industry, Jonatan has consistently exceeded expectations by delivering outstanding service, optimizing team performance, and fostering a collaborative work environment. His unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and the success of his employers sets him apart.

Currently, Jonatan is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration, driven by a thirst for knowledge. He envisions a future where he can further enrich his expertise by obtaining a master’s degree in Data Science. Understanding the power of data, he firmly believes in the importance of informed decision-making, both in his professional endeavors and personal life. Jonatan’s passion for technology shines through his exceptional support for Home Automation Systems, where he has honed his skills and led outstanding teams.

With a strong customer-centric approach and a relentless commitment to excellence, Jonatan’s primary goal is to ensure Trident IoT’s customers not only find satisfaction with their products and services but also receive the utmost assistance they need to thrive.

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